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Originally from the Nu Romantics group on FaceBook on April 6, 2017. See below for Grace Quillen’s bio.

Grace Quillen Walks into the living room…
Grace Quillen “Hey, honey?”
S.K. Berit He turns around, “Hey, baby. Is that Suzie out on the dock?”
Grace Quillen “Suzie? You mean Suzanne? Yeah, I invited her over. Wanna know why?”
Grace Quillen Runs fingers up his arm to his shoulder…
S.K. Berit “Mmmm…er..uh, Suzanne, I know. Whatever. She hits like a girl anyway. Is she staying for the party?”
Grace Quillen “What party? I thought you said you didn’t want one.” I put my hands on my hips, exasperated. “You said this year you wanted to do something different.”
S.K. Berit “God, so you leave it to me to figure it out? For my birthday? Tell me you have at least ONE idea.” He walked over and poured a double Jameson.
Grace Quillen “Could you not start drinking now? You might regret it… later.”
S.K. Berit “Does Suzie know there are leaches in the pond? Wait…what? Why?”
Grace Quillen I take a deep breath and step closer, smiling. God, this man exasperates me, but he makes up for it in so many ways…
Grace Quillen “I DO have a plan, honey. And her name is Suzanne. You’re going to want to remember that. She hates it when people call her Suzie.”
S.K. Berit The juxtaposition of plan, honey, and Suzanne made my brain boil. There was just no denying her place at the top of the physical beauty scale. “Uh…”
Grace Quillen I smiled. I loved it when he got stupid over sexy women. Especially me. Time to sweeten the pot even further…
“And you remember how I told you she used to be a gymnast?”
S.K. Berit Forget? Not possible. “I seem to recall something about that.”
S.K. Berit “So? Is she going to do a floor exercise for my birthday?”
Grace Quillen I laughed. Oh, he had no idea what he was in for. I’d been planning this for weeks. Long talks with Suzanne about what she was okay with, what *I* was okay with. I didn’t worry about S.K. I knew he’d be fine with anything we wanted to do to him.
Grace Quillen “Baby, for your birthday, Suzanne and I have agreed that you can exercise the two of us anywhere, anytime, and any way you want for the next twelve hours.”
Grace Quillen “You know… If you *want* to.”
S.K. Berit I couldn’t help keeping up the dumb act. “Seriously? That’s the best birthday present ever. We can start with the gutters.”
Grace Quillen *eyebrow up*
Grace Quillen Oh no, he didn’t
S.K. Berit “Well, unless you have other ideas.”
Grace Quillen “Oh, I’ve got ideas, honey. I’ve been thinking of ideas for weeks…
Grace Quillen “My first idea, is that we strip you naked with our teeth. Would that be okay with you?”
S.K. Berit Chills swept over my body. Holy shit. Holy holy holy shit. Was this really happening. Such a set of perfect beings, all for me, for one night, at least. Well, almost.
“Just don’t stain my shirt with your slobber, OK, darling?”
Grace Quillen There went my eyebrow again. *sigh* I kissed his neck, tried to keep it sexy.
“I’ll do my best to keep my mouth and everything in it just where it’s supposed to be… then I think Suzanne and I would like for you to sit in your recliner while we have a little snack… would that be okay?”
S.K. Berit “Jesus, baby, I can’t believe this is happening. It’s perfect. You’re incredible, do you know that? But, um, the recliner it makes my legs itch. You know I always wear PJ’s when I sit there.”
Grace Quillen I looked at my feet as my eyes rolled involuntarily. Jeez, you try to give a guy a birthday treat…
“Anywhere you want, sweetness. Or we could go straight up to the bed. I bought a harness… we could see how flexible Suzanne really is. She said she’s really into forced orgasms, and I know how you like to make me cum over and over until I scream…”
S.K. Berit I smiled, “I do love to make you scream from cumming. It’s better than when…so, is Suzie really on board for this?”
Grace Quillen “Honey, for real, *Suzanne*. She*hates* the name Suzie. And yes, she’s totally on board. She said she’s had a crush on you since Halloween, when you dressed up as Cap’n Mal. Said she wanted to play Space Invaders with you.” I giggled, pulling him closer by his waistband…
Grace Quillen “And I really want to do this. She could bounce on your cock while I straddle your face, or you could bend us both over and take turns. I just want to make this a birthday to remember, sweetie.”
S.K. Berit My eyes darted between Grace and Suzie on the dock, back and forth about a hundred times. “I…we…um…I…you…let’s just…right, ok?”
S.K. Berit My mouth went dry as I spotted Suzie doing hamstring strectches.
Grace Quillen I smiled at my lover. There was nothing I wanted more than to blow his mind, make memories we’d look back on forever.
I tapped on the window and saw Suzanne turn and wave. I waved back, gesturing for her to come inside. She smiled and stood, making her way from the dock to the back door….See More
S.K. Berit I could barely move, much less think. Somehow I managed a slight nod.
Grace Quillen I hear a quiet knock and loudly said “Come in!” Suzanne came through the door, her hands on the buttons of her blouse. She had a grin on her face that said she wasn’t wasting any time.
S.K. Berit My voice squeaked, “Hi.” I cleared my throat and tried for a deeper, “Hello.” The ladies tried not to laugh. Hey, whatever. “So, I hear you liked my Mal costume, Suzie. That’s awesome. Shall we get started?”
Grace Quillen Suzanne’s face fell like a souffle. She looked from S.K. to me, then back to S.K.
Then she buttoned up her blouse and walked out the door, taking all my grand plans with her.
I turned to S.K. “Are you sleeping on the couch, or am I?”
S.K. Berit THE END

Since emerging from Witness Protection four years ago (thanks to the unplanned “retirement” of Ivan “Taildragger” Vinovostovich) Grace Quillen has finally managed to avoid espionage charges for her writing. Lesson learned! Her fondest childhood dream was to be a professional bodybuilder, until she discovered it involved lifting heavy weights and not the assembly of parts in a dank basement laboratory. Little Grace shook off the crushing disappointment to spend many years pursuing a writing career only to have her manuscripts, all written in Sanskrit, uniformly rejected. Making the leap to erotica (and some bizarre Southern version of English) at last brought Grace into the hearts and vibrators of her many fans.

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