Would You Still Love Me?

“Would you still love me,”
she sighed.
I plucked
and played
with four inch
strands of corn silk
on her head.

“…if I were brunette?”
I reared back in
melodramatic horror.

“I admit, the idea shocked
me to the balls
at first.”

Slowly leaning forward
I stroked her cheek.

“Would the horrible
brown haired you
have this face?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Would she have this
that feels custom made for

“Why not?”

“Would she have these
hypnotic boobs?”

“Of course, sweets”

“Would she have this heart?”

“I don’t know
since it belongs to

“Then yes
my angel
I would still love
you as a

I kissed her

“Tell me, my love,”
she said
trolling for trouble
on my chest.

“Would you still love me
If I were a redhead?”



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