Rescue of Major

“If you barf on me, I’ll kill you,” said Barlow, casually enough to be believed.

Pike lay on his back in the dirt of a vacant lot with the older, and much larger, Barlow pressing a knee into his sternum. He felt very much like throwing up under the 16-year-old boy’s weight.

Barlow was dumping the content of Pike’s school backpack onto the ground with increasing frustration as nothing of value spilled out. Continue reading

He Has To Die

“He has to die,” said Ashlee. She scanned the little circle of girls. On a bright, warm, sunny spring afternoon they all felt a dark chill.

“What?” said Toree with a scrunched brow, looking at the others.

“Agreed,” said Sheree. She held a stern, determined look and inched closer to Ashlee. Continue reading