LNLL June 14, 2017

This post will rapidly go down the toiley due to bathroom humor (or humour) and potty mouths.

Before that, a bit of old business. Item the first, some people love da roolz, some not. This week they are clearly delineated to make bypassing simpler.

Or maybe not. You people are just impossible!

<ROOLZ skip=”if bored”>

The Mudder Ducking Roolz!

1. RTMDR! (Read The Mudder Ducking Roolz!)

2. This is a humo(u)r post. If your sense of humo(u)r has been removed or allowed to atrophy, it might not be the place for you.

3. The opinions expressed in this post and comments were (possibly) completely fabricated and do not (necessarily) reflect the views and opinions of management.

4. Because management is always trying to suppress the rights of the people!

5. I absolutely love women. Always have, always will. REMEMBER THIS.

6. When you feel yourself getting pissed off at me, please refer to roolz #2 and #5.


I love strong, independent, thoughtful, intelligent women. I raised a brace of them myself. And yet, there is one thing that mystifies me to this day and I will risk everything to reopen the subject of the great toilet seat debate.

To whit: it is sexist for women to demand that men save them from falling in the toilet. It undermines the entire “independent” concept that women refuse to take responsibility for where they put their asses.

***Please avoid arguments about it being sanitary, esthetic, or courtesy. ***

Those are tangential to and/or justifications for the real reason women demand that the seat gets put down every time: so they don’t take a dip in the tidy bowl. I would love to know why women need to blame men for their own behavior. If only in this one case.

Now, take a breath and review rool #6.

OK? Go.


photo courtesy of The Nu Romantics

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