LNLL May 17, 2017

We are gathered here today to celebrate the blessed union of Snark and Wit, may they live forever. Party down.

Here are The Roolz. (Of course, there are roolz! Anarchy is only allowed within the framework of the roolz. Maybe that should be a rool.)

  1. RTDR! (Read The Damn Rules) failure to comply with the rules will earn you a gentle teasing reminder. The first time. After that…something else I haven’t thought up yet.
  2. Fun is required. Have it, give it, be it. See Rool #10.
  3. Dark humor is always welcome.
  4. No meanies, blue or otherwise. (Anyone get the reference? Anyone?)
  5. No explaining when you write your responses to the prompt. God, I [insert strong negative feeling here] the explaining explainers who explain. If someone asks for an explanation, that’s different and ok.
  6. Still reading? Good.
  7. Take the time to respond to the comments you enjoy. I’m bad about this, so it’s as much for me as anyone.
  8. Not everything will be genius. It’s ok. Jump in and give it a try. (See Rool #4)
  9. Posting comments to this thread implies acceptance and agreement with The Roolz and Addendums. All y’all been warned, suckas.
  10. See Rool #2.
  11. Don’t make me add more roolz, you kids!

Today’s Addendums to The Roolz:

  1. Two words only! The same as the number of personalities you had back when you got the second one. See Rool #5.
  2. Responses do not need to be true or accurate but please try to be funny and/or interesting. See Rool #8.

See, if I put the prompt at the top nobody would read the roolz. Here we go.


Describe your relationship in two words. (See Addendum #1)


photo courtesy of The Nu Romantics

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